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Piper Pottery

Hand Dish with Native Leaf impression (FL41)

$ 22.00

You gotta hand it to this dish...OK, I will see myself out now. But seriously, this dish is made using a tracing of my own hand and it is just perfect for holding your favorite tiny treasures. A tea bag, rings, keys, small snacks - anything you need to spot for! I form each one (of my clay hands) using my real hands.

This dish is impressed with a Silky Dogwood leaf from the plants growing along the creek that runs by my studio.

Dish measures about 18 x 10 cm long.

Measurements may vary due to the handmade nature of our work. During updates, questions on sizes may not be answered immediately. Note that these are glazed pieces, and glazes pool and drip in unexpected ways. Each spent its time in a different spot in the kiln, and can never be recreated.

If you are interested in ordering custom pottery, please contact us at piperpottery @

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