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Mushroom Garden House (FA97)

$ 30.00

Looking to add a little magic to your garden or indoor jungle? These enchanting little houses are just the thing. Each garden house is thrown on the wheel and hand finished with a carved opening. Then, I make a special mushroom top. Keep a little magic close by with one on your windowsill, or place outdoors in your garden to attract all manner of tiny magical creatures. Garden houses are hardy enough to leave outdoors all year long, even in freezing weather. This house has an open base and toads may use it if its placed outside in a suitable location.

This house was decorated using leaves from Halberd-leaf Rosemallow (Hibiscus laevis). This native hibiscus has many large flowers that open for a single day, but new buds emerge throughout summer. Many species of butterfly and moth larvae eat the foliage, and the flowers attract a variety of pollinators as well.

See photos for approximate size.

Each house is made individually by hand in our studio.

Houses are photographed with a ruler.


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