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Why We Make

Each piece of Piper Pottery is handmade in our home studio, located on the banks of the Sangamon River in Mahomet, IL. Natural objects, vintage bits, and a little bit of modern inspiration are baked together in the kiln to create our distinctive stoneware pottery.

Piper Pottery + Craft strives for sustainable practices in both our home and business. We are solar-powered and have plans to install a geothermal system. Clay lends itself to recycling and using every last bit, so almost nothing is wasted. Our packing material is all reused from other sources! We have slowly been turning our rural lawn into native plants, and every day we find new ways to lessen our negative impact on the world around us.

Cammie Meerdink is the artist behind Piper Pottery + Crafts. For over 20 years, she has been playing in the mud – turning clay into beautiful and functional ware. Based in Mahomet, IL, the studio’s name comes from the artist’s maiden name and that of her youngest child.